Vision and Strategy Development

  • Do you need to create a new strategy for your company/division or for a product category that has been stagnant?
  • Would you like to think more strategically about a specific consumer target?
  • Would you like to explore ideas for creative and strategic partnerships/collaborations?


The Growth Engine Advantage:

  • Growth Engine can lead you to an ownable, impactful vision for future growth and identifies specific strategies for how to achieve that vision.
  • Our unique”Innovation Outreach” with the staff and “Innovation Audit” with key executives ensure that the entire company has a say in where the existing equities and potential new strategies for the brand/company lie.
  • Our creative questioning techniques are successful at taking the brand/company into undiscovered territory.
  • The backgrounds of Growth Engine senior management lend invaluable guidance to the process: creativity expertise + brand management experience = unexpected, yet strategically on-target ideas.



100dayplan100 Day Plan for Innovation

Building revenue boosting innovations is often a time consuming, expensive, laborious process. What if you could streamline and accelerate innovation initiatives?


With the Growth Engine’s many years of experience, and our proven approach, we can help you maximize resources and build winning ideas in 100 days.


The 100 day plan is a validated approach designed to leverage existing brands into new platforms and create entirely new whitespace opportunities. Using our proprietary techniques and proven methodology, see how quickly you can achieve outstanding and measurable results. Click Here for more information.



  • Ignites innovation efforts
  • Provides focus, clarity and urgency
  • Transforms innovation from something ongoing & overwhelming into something finite & achievable
  • Prevents deprioritization of innovation to day-to-day operations
  • Makes efficient use of tight human & capital resources
  • Emphasizes results-focused mindset rather than perfection mindset that can slow innovation efforts
  • Accelerates speed-to-market & creates competitive edge