New Product/Service & Insight Development

  • Are you seeking fresh insights to drive product development successes?
  • Do you need to identify new product/service platforms for growth?
  • Would you like to extend your brand into a new product category?
  • Are you seeking fresh insights for your core consumer?
  • Would you like to tap into a new target consumer?
  • Do you need concepts developed, written and optimized?
  • Do you need quick “fuzzy front end” qualitative?


The Growth Engine Advantage:

  • Our process leads to new product success rates of approximately 80%; significantly higher than industry norms of 20%.
  • We uncover ideas from a variety of sources, so no stone is left unturned: we create new ideas with the help of consumers, suppliers, and your internal team, and we collect existing ideas from within your organization.
  • We create a rich array of stimuli for our consumer research in order to draw the most out of the consumers.
  • We “pressure test” our concepts with consumers even before they go to quantitative testing so we guarantee they’ll perform well. In fact, according to one well-known quantitative research company our concepts are the most consistently high-performing ones they test.
  • We employ a unique variety of qualitative research techniques (i.e. ethnography, research with “Creative consumers” or MENSA members, claims surveys, shopper behavior studies) for insight-rich research that drives business growth.
  • Our iterative insight development approach facilitates the “laddering up” of observations into strategic insights.
  • Our high-energy approach involves the whole team.


New Product/Service Development Process

The Growth Engine Company’s new product/service innovation process is called Iterative Insight Mining(IIM)TM. It is a rigorous five-step innovation process that alternates consumer research with focused ideation sessions using internal staff and outside experts to initiate, develop and ultimately validate new ideas with consumers. Through this unique approach we first glean critical insights from consumers, and then deconstruct, refine and recombine them into substantive consumer propositions.