Innovation Learning Workshops

  • Would you like to give your team the tools they need to innovate successfully?
  • Do you have analytical thinkers on your team who need to think more creatively?
  • Would you like to introduce your team to ideation techniques they can use every day?


The Growth Engine Advantage:

  • Growth Engine uses an “action learning” method based on the belief that participants learn best by doing, and this makes the learning fun, dynamic, and relevant.
  • Our proprietary innovation processes have been fine-tuned over time in response to real world business challenges…and therefore they generate better, more practical solutions.
  • We encourage our workshop participants to bring their challenges to the session, so they get instant answers to some of their most pressing problems.
  • The techniques we teach help participants generate breakthrough ideas on a wide variety of issues (i.e. new product development, strategic planning, marketing, operations, branding or strategic alliances). As a result, our workshops work particularly well with cross-functional teams


We have been speaking and facilitating workshops on innovation and creativity for over 30 years. Let us customize a talk for your specific audience or event. Current talks include:


Managing by Imagining

Interactive presentation focused on ideation techniques for helping teams be more imaginative problem solvers (i.e. Opportunity Redefinition, Wishing, Sacred Cow, Questioning Assumptions, Positioning Continuums, Mindmapping, Triggered Brainwalking, etc.)


Creating a Total Innovation Enterprise

Ten principles and practices for creating a successful, company-wide innovation program.


The Ideator’s Quest, A Mythic Journey from Imagination to Innovation

Learn how to use the hero’s mindset to become the leader of successful innovation initiatives!


Innovation Learning Workshop Descriptions

Growth Engine’s Learning Workshop Course Descriptions:

We’ll gladly create a custom workshop to meet your specific needs, or you can choose from one of the workshops listed below:

  • Creative Thinking & Ideation Workshop: An in-depth dive into the idea generation phase of Growth Engine’s innovation process in which we describe and demonstrate a wide-range of ideation techniques that can be used to generate solutions for a breath of business issues.
  • New Product Development Workshop: Provides “snapshot” training on the Growth Engine approach to innovation, focusing on idea exploration, development and validation.
  • Creating an Innovative Culture-An Action-Learning Initiative: Thorough, hands-on approach to every phase of Growth Engine’s 5-phase innovation process with training days interspersed with consumer/customer actual new product/service development projects or other growth initiatives.