Ideation Design & Facilitation

  • Are you looking for new ideas to stimulate your business?
  • Do you have new ideas but need help developing them?


The Growth Engine Advantage:

  • We excel at high-energy, ideation sessions that create excitement among your team (we’ve designed and facilitated more than 1,500!).
  • Our proprietary focused ideation techniques resolve the essential paradox of ideation: creating unexpected but strategically on-target and “do-able” new product ideas and innovations.
  • Real-time electronic meeting notes from the session are used to make sure no idea goes uncaptured and allow team to move forward quickly.
  • The backgrounds of Growth Engine senior management lend invaluable guidance to the process: creativity expertise + brand management experience = creative yet strategic ideas.
  • We have the capability of doing global ideation sessions.


Ideation Design & Facilitation Process

Growth Engine uses a variety of proprietary ideation techniques in custom-designed ideation sessions specifically designed to meet the company’s specific needs and objectives. These strategically focused ideation and creative problem-solving sessions can address a wide variety of business challenges (positioning, advertising, visioning, sku reduction, promotions, cost-cutting, new products, etc.) in any industry (packaged goods, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, financial services, fashion, sportswear, high-tech, etc.).


Just to give you an idea, here are a few of our techniques:


Semantic Intuition: This technique can inspire breakthrough new product and innovative marketing ideas by forcing unique, thought-provoking combinations of category-related key words.


Focused Phrasing: Using a database of 70,000 expressions, phrases specific to a brand’s essence are used to inspire creative yet aligned promotional, advertising and alternative media concepts.


Patent Prompts: Relevant abstracts of category and functionally-specific patents are used to stimulate innovative new product thinking.


Technology Triggers: Similar to Patent Prompts, Technology Triggers uses examples of recent technological advances from a variety of related, but different fields to inspire new product ideas.


Idea Hooks: This technique uses problem-specific associated metaphors (and their inherent principles) from a database of 80,000 words as a way to imaginatively inspire new but relevant ways to position and talk about a brand.