Brand Positioning

  • Do you need a compelling new positioning to re-invigorate a stagnant brand, launch a new brand, or differentiate a brand in a crowded marketplace?


The Growth Engine Advantage:

  • Growth Engine’s brand positioning development process leads to extremely well-vetted, ownable positionings that are ready for quantitative testing.
  • We involve your team in every phase of the process, so team members are aligned around and energized by the resulting positioning.
  • Our stimuli-rich consumer research is highly customized to suit the brand/product.


Brand Positioning Development/Brand Development Process

At Growth Engine, we use the “Brand Building” as a simple format/model that can help dimensionalize the main elements of a brand’s positioning. These elements include both:

  • External conditions: “competitive frame,” “target audience,” and “consumer insight” (i.e. ways to view the brand from the outside in).
  • Consumer’s view of the brand: “benefits,” “differentiator,” “reason to believe,” “personality and values,” and “essence” (ways to look at the brand “from the inside out).”